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[ NETHERLANDS - The Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) - an international homeopathic medical society].

[ INDIA - Official website of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH).]

[ INDIA - Official website of Central Council of Homoeopathy(CCH). ]

[ NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. ]

[ EGYPT - Egyptian Homeoapthic Association website.]

[ AUSTRALIA - Australian Homoeopathic Association, AHA]
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - Society of Homoeopaths in Bosnia & Herzegovina.]

[CANADA - Official Website of the BC Society of Homeopaths (BCSH) in British Columbia Canada]

[ CANADA - Canadian Society of Homeopaths]

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[ ISRAEL – Israeli Association For Classical Homoeopathy]

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[USA – National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine]

DRUG PROVING (New & Old Remedies).

[Misha Norland’s Devon School of Homeopathy – The Proving of New Homoeopathic Remedies]

[The Dynamis School – Searchable Drug Proving Database]

[Luminos Homeopathic Proving – About New Proving]


[ High dilution. Investigating in France. ]

[ Benveniste's Research site & Interesting Scientific theory on Homoeopathy. ]


[British Homeopathic Library The Library of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital has a searchable database of thousands of books and journals].


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  First Homoeopathy University Established in India

First Homoeopathy University in India is established by Dr.M.P.K.Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Society, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Ordinance of University has been approved by His Excellency Governor of Rajasthan vide their Ordinance No.5 of 2009 on 13-10-2009. The bill of University has been raised in state assembly by the Government and legally accepted through the legislature on 2nd April 2010.



  NEPAL's First Homeopathic Medical College

Nepal Homoeopathic Medical College (NHMC) is the premier and single most teaching Institute in the country deliverng high quality education in BHMS graduate level over the last 5 years. The college was established in December1, 2002 with a motive to concrete the youth’s academic carrer in the faculty of ‘Homoeopthic Medicine’ and it has proved itself as a landmark of BHMS studies. Nepal Homomoeopathic Medical College is the mandate to work towards developing socially responsible and competent health work force, providing health care and engage in health research striving continuously to meet the health needs of Nepal as well as the World in primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Within a very short span of time, NHMC emerged as a pioneer institute promotes homoeopathic system of medicine all over the world. The college believes in providing the best academic environment, faculties and enough academic support service to help the students shape their carrers. It stands at Biratnagar, Nepal with attractive layout and comfortable modern surrounding which make it an excellent place to study. It offers BHMS programme affiliated to Purbanchal University under English medium. It welcome the students from all over the country and abroad regardless of their ethnic, geographic and schooling background. The management of NHMC are constantly trying to make it a centre of excellence in patient care, teaching and research in health-sector and integrated model for holistic paradigm.

1. This first Homoeopathic Medical College in the kingdom is affiliated to Purbanchal University, Morang, Nepal
2. The management of the college has its sole motto to impart quality education in degree level teaching course in Homoeopathy. From Dec 1, 2002 the college has started teaching the 1st year student of B.H.M.S.
3. The college is well equipped with physical facility and have qualified and experienced teaching team.
4. The medical care to the suffering humanity is given through outdoor hospital facility.
5. Degree to be honoured after completing the course is B.H.M.S.
6. Duration of course: 4 and half years study and 1 year internship.
7. The alarming cost of other medical education and the fact that it is out of reach of the common majority promoted the management to initiate this venture to provide service which is easily accessible having reasonably low cost and of high standards.

  NOBEL Prize Winner Reports Effects of Homeopathic Dilutions

In a recent study Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who co-discovered HIV and who won the Nobel Prize in 2008, and his team report the results of a series of rigorous experiments investigating the electromagnetic properties of highly-diluted biological samples.

The study demonstrates that some bacterial DNA sequences are able to induce electromagnetic waves at high aqueous dilutions. It appears to be a resonance phenomenon triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency waves. The researchers used aqueous solutions that were agitated and serially diluted (the researchers note that the solutions were 'strongly agitated' and that this step was 'critical for the generation of signals'). In other words homeopathic potencies, although the word 'homeopathy' is not mentioned in the article.

The researchers found that pathogenic bacteria and viruses show a distinct electromagnetic signature at dilutions ranging from 10^-5 to 10^-12 (corresponding to 5D to 12D) and that small DNA fragments (responsible for pathogenicity) were solely accountable for the electromagnetic signal. The researchers also noted that one experiment found significant effects from dilutions as high as 10^-18 (equivalent to 18D). The electromagnetic signature changed with dilution levels but was unaffected by the initial concentration and remained even after the remaining DNA fragments were destroyed by chemical agents.
They observed that the electromagnetic signal was destroyed by heating or freezing the sample. Also, a 'cross-talk' effect was found whereby a negative sample inhibits the positive signal in another sample if they are left together overnight in a shielded container. The researchers propose that specific aqueous nanostructures form in the samples during the dilution process and are responsible for the electromagnetic effects measured.
The researchers also detected the same electromagnetic signals in the plasma and in the DNA extracted from the plasma of patients suffering from Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
This study is an important contribution to the growing evidence base in fundamental research with direct relevance to homeopathy.
Montagnier L, Aissa J, Ferris S, Montagnier J-L, Lavallee C (2009). Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences. Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, 1: 81-90.

[Direct link to the paper at the ECH website: http://www.homeopathyeurope.org/downloads/MontagnierElectromadneticSignals.pdf


  A HOMEOPATHIC APPROACH TO PREGNANCY [Barilli P, Grandi B, Mezzera S, Segantini S]

The aim of this research during pregnancy is to confirm the relationship between two vital principles (mother & child) which lead to four different conditions. In the first case the dissimilar mother’s vital force prevails over the baby, some maternal symptoms persist and other increase during the time of pregnancy. In the second case the child’s and mother’s vital forces are dissimilar, but the baby’s prevails, maternal symptoms disappear and those of the child emerge, new for the mother. The last symptoms disappear after delivery and we find them in the baby. In the third case the two vital forces are similar; the mother prevails over the child, the mother’s symptoms improve during pregnancy. In the last case the child prevails over the mother; in this situation we have a curative action with an improvement of mother’s general situation also after delivery.

[Source: LIGA MEDICORUM HOMOEOPATHICA INTERNATIONALIS – 51st International Congress Proceedings].

  Homeopathic antidote for electro and enviornmental pollution - Marie Van Stokkum

It has been said that the Environment with its wide spread pollution, causes cancers in humans and other life forms. The air alone holds material from diverse sources, detrimental to all life forms. We mention the gamma radiation leaks around the world from known and unknown sources. Chernobyl is still leaking radiation and there are several other sites in the world. Aside from that there are particles from industrial emissions, soot, smoke, gasoline emissions, depleted uranium particles from spent munitions, and the list goes on. And this is only the material aspect of the pollution. Then there are immaterial ones like satellite microwaves, airport radar systems, the sun's rays not adequately screened by the ozone and other layers. In short, all the stuff that is floating in the air that can harm us.

In 2006 I have worked on a Tautopathic Remedy for an antidote to this dilemma. Using the tried and true principles of Homeopathy: "That which causes, cures", or "Similia similibus curentur". I had to find a substance that held all this material. Inspiration brought me to the answer: Rain.
The moister particles circulate in the atmosphere, exposed to all this "stuff" floating in the air. They eventually form clouds and then rain. This rain has been exposed to the material and immaterial offending substances in the air. So, catch the rain and make a Homeopathic Remedy out of it. That has been done as a public service to all those who want to avail themselves of this product. For further information about where to procure this remedy and how to use it, see my website:
What we have here is a Tautopathic/Isopathic remedy. It has never been proofed. We can look at it as a vaccination against the onslaught of Electro- & Environmental Pollution. It needs to be repeated, since we cannot turn off the spigot of pollution.
The product's name is "Imberinum 2 or II" (Imber means rain in Latin) and the working potency is 30C. The National Homeotherapeutic Products (USA) and Helios in England are the two pharmacies carrying the product. I do not gain monetarily from this endeavor. It is a public service.
This information might be useful to a lot of people around the world.

Colombe Marie Van Stokkum, DHM, CLS, PSYCH-K Practitioner.
Palm Springs, CA, USA.

  Bachelor of Science in Homeopathic Medicine -Senate passed!

………………………………the paper presented to the University of
Cyberjaya College of Medical Sciences [Malaysia] was approved ......
7th March / 2008.

[Source: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/beyondhomeopathy/message/15544]

  OLYMPIC Success with Homoeopathy

Member of Beijing Olympic team wins Silver Medal with help of homoeopathy.

Sonja Johnson, Member of the Australian Equestrian Team, competing at the Beijing Olympics 2008, supported the use of homoeopathy.

3 days before she was due in Hong Kong she rang a homoeopath for advice about her horse's hoof abscess which was not responding to orthodox treatment. After homoeopathic treatment her horse was well enough to compete, and won the silver medal for the Aussie Equestrian team.

Olympian Supports Homoeopathy in Sport
To whom it may concern,
I was first introduced to the advantages of homoeopathy in life and particularly sport and sport horses when based in England in 1997.
We all want to keep ourselves and our equine partners in as good a shape as possible to perform the job at hand.
Non-homoeopathic medicines have their place; however with the drug testing of athletes being so stringent these days, anything that can give you a therapeutic benefit while being within the rules is a huge bonus.
My Witch’s kit (Helios Homoeopathic Kit for Accidents and Emergencies), as we affectionately call it in the family, is always in the float and provides me with great amusement as I watch the sceptics become believers after they benefit from its use.

Sonja Johnson
WA Top International Horse Eventer
Member of the Australian Equestrian Team
competing at the Beijing Olympics 2008

[Source: Australian Homoeopathic Association – News & Events]

  Karen Nieber, a professor of Pharmacology, merely wanted to prove that Homeopathy doesn't work. She argued that with potencies higher than X 23 not a single molecule of the original tincture could possibly be present, mathematically speaking, and that no pharmacological effect would be possible.

In the search for an experimental setup in which any possible placebo effect can be ruled out, she had a brilliant idea: she put a rat's intestine in a fluid culture medium and used organic threads to fix it to a sensor so that she could measure any shortening of the intestine caused by cramps. Then she added a stimulant (atropine) to the fluid culture medium to produce severe cramps in the rat's intestine. The intestine shrank and the scales showed a strong traction.

When she then added belladonna X 90 to the culture medium, the intestine relaxed and the scales showed less traction. This proved that homeopathy is effective in the absence of any material substances - and in 2003 she won the € 10,000 Hans Heinrich Reckeweg award. Her studies confirmed the efficacy of homoeopathic treatments.

[Source: www.quantec.ch]
  EFFECT OF HIGH DILUTIONS ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM [Bastide M. Professor of Immunology, University of Montpellier 1]
  The novel concept of immunomodulation proposed herein does not involved a new molecule or extract but rather a new approach to the use of endogenous molecules belonging to the immune system to modulate response. The families of molecules we started have different kind of activity: thymic hormones which induce T lymphocyte maturation; bursin which participates to B lymphocyte maturation in chickens and cytokines which take part in cellular interactions. Our investigations were carried out firstly and natural mouse leucocytary interferon: we sometimes tested other dymic hormones or in terleukin 2 as immunostimulating agent. We tested also bursin, a tripeptide isolated from Bursa Fabricii, a B lymphocyte educative organ in chicken, in surgically bursa deprived chickens. Finally interleukin 3 which is a colony stimulating factor active on the main haematopoietic steam cells in the bone marrow associated thymulln and bursin was tested in sub-lethally irradiated mice. We studies the effect of these highly diluted test substances according to the Homoeopathic procedure. Our results indicate that Hahnemannian dilutions (beyond Avogadro number) have immunomodulatory activity. Furthermore, the activity is specific and the higher the dilution, the greater capacity of the test substance to transmit its information to the target cell or organism as shown in bursectomized chickens (day 3 of embryonic life) receiving highly diluted bursin only during foetal life (day 6th and 9th ). We also tested the immunomodulatory effect of high dilutions in strongly irradiated BALB / c mice. They have been treated before and after irradiation by high dilutions of endogenous molecules belonging to the immune system in order to test radioprotection or immumorestoration effects. The intensity of the effect of irradiation on untreated mice (con-trols) was season dependent. The mortality was grater in cold seasons. During the warm season, we obtained a significant protective effect compared to the unsuccussed water control. Considering all the results obtained throughout one year (15 experiments), we observed a significant protective effect in 8 experiments, on effect in 3 experiments and surprisingly in 4 experiments, we observed a worsening effect. We suggest that the regulation of biological systems involves the notion of “information” rather than the quantity of molecules it receives.
Information is a non-molecular process which can only be expressed by modification of the receiver. The worsening effects observed in our last model on irradiated mice cannot be explained by a molecular process but show the power of the information given by the high dilutions of endogenous molecules (when it is not understood by the living system) by increasing the power of the pathology. Therefore, it is possible that besides the cyberneti-cal regulatory mechanisms in living organisms reacting in response to hormones or cytokines and obeying the laws of classical pharmacokinetics, other mechanisms reacting in response to “information” might exist. These regulatory effects could be expressed at another level than those of the classical effector mechanisms of the cells.
These examples could be a clue for understanding the homoeopathic remedy effect which brings information on the symptoms to the living body in the framework of the similia law while information of endogenous molecules is normally received by the organism according to the genoma as referent.
  The research protocol presented herein and prepared by CP-BMAH aims to further expand the number of Homeopathic remedies administered at Homeopathic clinics through a national experimentation with the participation of Homeopathy Foundation groups spread throughout the country. In understanding that the study of Homeopathy becomes much more solid when the student experiences him or herself the proving of a remedy, we submit the experimentation in question to students from the 3rd year of Homeopathy studies as a work proposal, where they could participate as experiments, experimentations clinical directors or directors of the supporting group responsible for the recording of the observed data. A perfectly well known substance of physical – chemical origin and properties should be used and will be experimented in potencies ranging from 12 CH – 30 CH – 200 Cfc – 1 M – 10 M – 50 M in a double blind study, mixed with placebos which should present the same aspects, characteristics, flavour and odour as those of the potencies placebos will not be given to a separate group of provers. They will be given to the same subjects receiving the actual substance, bearing in mind that the best control of the prover is him or herself. Each prover will receive substances and placebos according to the system set up by the Experimentation General Director (ED) (the only person to know the potency codes and placebos), supported by a local director (LD) in each experimentation group. The volunteers will be interviewed for clinical recording purposes in order to be accepted as “healthy” experimenters.
The approval criteria used will permit the presence of common minor illnesses, never exceeding stage I of the international classification of diseases. Experimenters taking the contraceptive-pill will be allowed to participate but will assessed separately. A responsibility – term should be signed by the participants in accordance with Helsinque’s declaration. Once the experimentation initiates, the experimenters will be weekly interviewed by a clinical director who in turn will meet the General Director (ED) in order to discuss the symptoms recorded.
After being analyzed and identified the symptoms will be classified as new symptoms, known modified or non-modified symptoms and returning of old symptoms which will be passed on to the LD who will then review, analyzed and forward them to the supporting group for local recording process. The LDs will forward the obtained data to the ED who, together with the CRP-BMAH and assistants, will distribute them according to potencies and placebos so that at a later date they will be presented to the homeopathic community.

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First Homoeopathy University Established in India
NEPAL's First Homeopathic Medical College
NOBEL Prize Winner Reports Effects of Homeopathic Dilutions
A HOMEOPATHIC APPROACH TO PREGNANCY [Barilli P, Grandi B, Mezzera S, Segantini S]

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